Two Kinds of Patriotism: American Politics Wrestles with Immigration

At this year’s Democratic National Convention, speaker after speaker offered paeans to American greatness. One of the most memorable was Michelle Obama, the first lady, who spoke movingly of America’s story as “the story of unwavering hope grounded in unyielding struggle.” There was something particularly striking about Mrs. Obama’s celebration of what she called “the greatest nation on earth.” Many will no doubt remember that in 2008, when her husband was competing for the Democratic


Time for blacks to grow up

Some years ago I wrote: “There is an Erebusic modality among blacks that is based on a rejection of the truth confronting them. Said being: they are their own worst enemy and they refuse to grasp that factuality.” (“The Sad Truth Many Blacks Reject,” Aug. 29, 2014.) This truth was on full display by blacks in Milwaukee, Wis., after a lifelong gangbanger thug, with a police record that rivaled any of the most


How stupid can 'stupid' be?

A business associate of mine and I were discussing the upcoming presidential election when she referenced an online story regarding a retail chain spending $20 million to create single toilet bathrooms in all their stores to offset public anger over their recent policy of transgender-friendly restrooms.
She said, “I just can’t comprehend the trendy change in the basic concept of one being born either male or female; anything else is simply a matter of personal opinion.